Make a great impression

A good first impression with confidence and professionalism sets the tone for what you represent, as you make contacts and build relationships. Your efforts toward creating a good first impression should leave a new contact with interest in a follow-up meeting and lead the contact to make referrals.


It all started 39 years ago, in 1992, before computers took over. Kal started out with paper patterns, rulers, enamel paints, squirrel hair paint brushes, and the late, great Gerald Stadler as his mentor and teacher.

His first projects included hand-painting signs and hand-lettering Leach Company garbage trucks and has always thought this primitive, hands-on training separates him from the rest because it forced him to pay attention to detail, balance, and the psychology of signage. This experience gives him a good eye for what looks best and what type structure/materials are appropriate and will enhance the life-span of your sign investment.

In 2001, Kal took over for Jerry doing all the graphics for Oshkosh Truck. He was solely entrusted in lettering their million-dollar ARFF (Airport Rescue Fire Fighting) trucks for all over the world. They moved the operation to Pierce Co. in Appleton in 2010, and their own graphics department made the decision to take over the position.

Signage is an art form in itself. Being an actual artist has great benefits for Kal. He can visualize the final project before it is even started. Each project is unique and knowing what pops, what is most readable, what the best color selections, etc. will be is what Kal's over 30 years of experience brings.

One must always be learning, growing, and knowing what you are going to get, unlike a box of chocolates!

Now that Kal is back in the public eye, he is hopeful to make a great impression with his abilities and knowledge. Simply put, his goal is to Make You Look Good!